A lot of customers may not know the difference between the normal 'human hair’ offered by companies and  , Virgin hair and Raw hair.  With over 6years of being in the hair industry we have tried our best to explain in depth but clearly the difference in hair and lace types.

Enjoy !

What hair do we use ?

Our hair is sourced from healthy young female donors. We offer top virgin Cambodian, Burmese and Top Raw Indian and Chinese hair. All our hair is unprocessed therefore unlike your typical human hair that is remy, virgin hair does not go through any chemical processes as this damages the quality and longevity of the hair. It Is steamed and washed after cutting from the donor to ensure its texture is kept soft. Our hair is also 100% human hair not mixed with an fibres or synthetics. This help keeps the longevity and quality of the hair.

Would you like to test it out? Test if your hair if virgin or not by doing the burn test as shown below:

What is the difference between Raw and Virgin hair ?

Raw hair is the highest quality of human hair around and is mostly used by celebrities. This hair is completely untreated. Depending on the origin of Raw hair you choose most raw hair is quite full right to the ends. Raw hair is directly cut from the donors hair and washed and shampooed ensuring its in its cleanest form. The reason why it is highly preferred is its beautiful texture and naturally dark colour that works well for hair weaving applications. You can usually tell when an individual is wearing Raw hair due to the way it moves and how full it is. Due to this its the most expensive hair on the market 

What is the difference between all the lace types ?

4X4,5X5,6X6,7X7:  All these are known as Lace closures. They do not cover the circumference of your hair. For instance a lace closure is the width of eyebrow to eyebrow. As the size increases so does the width . Lace closures are best for everyday wigs or if you're not one that has much time for styling your hair. It is very easy to style and still keeps you looking good. It can also be worn glueless.

13X6 & 13X4: These are known as Lace frontals . Lace frontals covers the circumference of your hairline from ear to ear. you can do more versatile styles with it and show the whole hairline . 13X6 is the same as 13X4 however it has a deeper parting. For instance a 13X4 middle parting would stop in the middle of your head and a 13X6 middle parting can be parted a bit further down. Customers whom prefer a more natural look and larger parting space usually choose a 13X6 wig or lace. As well as customers who have low hairlines.

It’s my first wig how do I install it?

If you are not opting for our free install service please check our our instagram @theslayageuk whereby we have reels which are quite long in showing the full installation process .